Puddles, Floods and More, Oh My!

Flooded park

Isn’t it fun to jump in puddles? Do you know why puddles happen? When there is a lot of rain in a short time, puddles form on pavements and roads. Sometimes heavy rain or large amounts of melting snow make too much water and it covers land that is normally dry. This is called a flood.

A flood is a natural hazard because it happens naturally and can cause harm. Natural hazards will never go away, but we can learn about them to keep us safe.

Floods can be small, like a puddle. They can also be so big they cover an entire city. Normally rain falls into a river or a lake. Rain falls on the ground, too. The ground acts like a sponge. If too much rain falls too quickly, rivers and lakes can overflow. The ground gets too wet to soak up the extra water and a flood starts to form.

New Orleans Under Water

As the giant puddle grows, the flood becomes dangerous. The water is strong enough to carry large objects, even people. If a flood occurs, move to a safe high ground area. Do not go near bridges or bodies of water. Avoid flooded roads and watch the weather reports. Being prepared is the best way to be protected.

What Do You Think?    A safety kit is an important part of a disaster plan. What items would you put in an emergency kit?  

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What Happened? Why? 

Photo Credit: (t)maheyfoto/123RF, (b)Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA