Ways Schools Are Trying to Make Lunch Healthier

Schools try to find a way to encourage students to choose healthy lunches.
Schools try to find a way to encourage students to choose healthy lunches.

Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables? According to recent studies from the Center of Disease Control, most Americans do not. Schools across the country are trying different ideas to encourage students to eat more fruits and vegetables during school lunch.

Many schools focus on locally grown food. They visit nearby farms, so students may study how food is grown in their area. This also gives students the chance to eat food fresh from a farm. Some schools have found a way to provide fruits and vegetables that are even more local. They grow gardens right on their rooftops. That way, students can eat the freshest fruits and vegetables possible.

Schools also try to give students healthy choices in their cafeteria. Many schools are increasing the number of items in their salad bars. Others are featuring one new type of healthy food every week. Some schools are even having special “meatless Mondays.” Every Monday they have no meat in the cafeteria. This encourages students to try lunches with more fruits and vegetables.

There are many benefits to eating more fruits and vegetables. They provide energy boosts. They also prevent illnesses. Fruits and vegetables may even improve your mood.

What About You? Can you think of a way your school could help people eat healthier? Write some suggestions for your school.

Photo Credit: © Tetra Images/SuperStock