Things You Never Knew Teachers Do

Woman buying school supplies.
Most teachers buy school supplies for their class from their own money.

May 8th is a time to show teachers how much you appreciate them. You probably know how much teachers work each and every day of class. But did you know a teacher’s job doesn’t end when the school bell rings? Let’s look at some things you probably never knew that teachers do.

Did you know that most teachers buy their students school supplies? It’s true. Nearly 90% of teachers have spent their own money on school supplies for their classroom. They do this to make sure students have the best chance to learn. So, next time you use a colored pencil or construction paper in class, you may have your teacher to thank for it.

Teachers also do a lot to prepare for class. They plan what you will learn. They grade student work. They think about how to make school fun for you. Most teachers even take more classes on their own time. That way, they know more about the things they teach you and how you learn. School never ends for teachers.

Unfortunately, many teachers also have to work other jobs in addition to teaching. Even though it requires a lot of hard work, teaching is not one of the highest paying jobs in the country. Some teachers have to work extra jobs just to make enough money for their families.

So, next time you talk to your teacher, be sure to thank them for all they do. Both inside and outside the classroom.

What Do You Think? How will you show your teachers you appreciate them?

Photo Credit: Vermont Art/Shutterstock