What Is a Green Economy?

Windmills like these are becoming more common in the United States.

Have you noticed rows of white metal objects like the picture above? While they don’t look like the old-fashioned wooden windmills of storybooks, these are windmills. More and more windmills are being used to produce energy. This energy provides the electricity to power some people’s homes. It is part of an effort to convert to a green economy.   

What is a green economy? In this case green is not just a color. It refers to making choices that are good for the environment. An economy is a system where people make, buy, and sell things. So, a green economy is about making, buying, and selling things in a way that is good for the environment.  

A big part of a green economy is sustainability. Sustainability means we meet our needs in a way that people in the future will still be able to meet their needs. For example, windmills help provide a green economy because they are a sustainable source of energy. Solar power is another sustainable form of energy. You may see more and more houses and office buildings using solar power.  

There are other ways to help build a green economy. Recycling trash is a way to make sure we do not run out of materials in the future. You may also buy things that that are made from recycled materials.  

A green economy is not simple though. In many cases, non-sustainable products are easier and more convenient to use. It will take time and effort to change to a green economy. 

What Can You Do? A green economy is all about the choices people make. What are some choices you can make to help make our economy green? 

Photo Credit: Oorka/Shutterstock