What Are Some of the Worst Blizzards in the History of the United States?

A blizzard is a dangerous winter storm. Blizzards bring low temperatures, strong winds, and blowing snow. Some blizzards bury homes and cars in feet of snow!

Why is it important to know about blizzards? We study blizzards to prepare better for them. Blizzards can cause a lot of damage. What were some of the worst blizzards in U.S. history?

During the Great Blizzard of 1888, more than 400 people died. Forty to 50 inches of snow fell on the eastern United States. Snow drifts [deep banks of snow made by wind] buried houses and trains. Strong winds whipped up waves and sank 200 ships off the shore.

The “Storm of the Century” hit communities from Cuba to Canada in March, 1993. It was a cyclone in the south and a blizzard in the north. The storm killed 310 people and caused $6.6 billion in damages.

The Knickerbocker Blizzard was named for a theater in Washington, DC. A blizzard there in 1922 caused heavy snowfall on the city. The snow made the theater roof collapse.

“Snowmadgeddon” was the name for two blizzards in 2010. They broke records for snowfall on the Atlantic coast. When the second blizzard was over, over 68 percent of the entire country was covered in snow.

Blizzards cause more problems than just snow! The damage they cause can affect a community for a long time.

What Do You Think? How can a blizzard affect a community?

Photo Credit: Image100/Alamy