New Year’s Resolutions

People at the gym
Getting more exercise is a common New Year's Resolution.

It is 2019! Many people see the new year as a time to make a fresh start. They make resolutions. These are decision to start doing something or stop doing something.

Many resolutions have to do with being healthier. One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is to get more exercise. Gyms always get their most new members in January. Other popular resolutions including cutting down on junk food and eating more healthy foods.

Some resolutions people make are about changing the way they live. They may decide to read more. They may decide to volunteer for a charity. They may start a new hobby.

People often have trouble keeping their resolutions. For example, while gym memberships go up in January, they soon face a sharp decline. One reason for this is while people put a lot of thought into what their resolution will be. They do not think of a plan of how to do it. People have more success with resolutions if they plan on how to accomplish it. They may give themselves a schedule, or even create a calendar that they use to follow through on their resolution.

What About You? Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? How do you plan to accomplish it?

Photo Credit: andresr/E+/Getty Images